Our mission

We are going to transform Soccer and USA & Latin American sport

Provide academic training of excellence in soccer specifically and in sport in general. We are going to transform Soccer and USA & Latin American sports by providing equitable access to excellent academic education. We share the knowledge and experiences of our teachers through a dynamic space for exchange, with quality content and first-rate pedagogical tools. We want to be the most thriving soccer and sports educational community in America.

Our vision

Add knowledge and training to talent

We see the need to generate an effective learning system for all football and sports fans and professionals in America. This system must be horizontal, accessible and without barriers. We see sport as a means to express integrity and trust. The more people learn, we will have better football and the world of sports will be a little better every day. Our passion is your knowledge. Let's make this game a win-win tool for everyone.

Our values

Circular Learning

We are people with an inexhaustible intellectual curiosity. We are hungry for knowledge, for experiences and we show it. That we are watching football all the time, playing, reading, researching, training. In each interaction there is that day and turn in which we all learn.

The EDT Community comes first

Our students come first. The community is our greatest resource. Taking care of the people that make up that community and making sure they succeed is our priority. Providing help, resources, support and above all learning together.

Learning is winning

What we do is difficult. We know that we only achieve our goals when we take charge of our ideas until they become reality. This requires making tough decisions and executing with certainty at critical moments, even when we don't have complete information. We only fail when we don't learn from our mistakes.

Quality Feedback requires courage

When innovating we can make mistakes. Make bad decisions. Or just need help. Saying what we think and helping each other is key. Positive and constructive feedback involves dealing with the conflict. Not having passive-aggressive communications and above all having the courage to always tell the truth. The past does not matter more than to learn from it.

The hero is the team

The world is not changed by people... but by teams. Big things require big collaboration and there are no epic heroes but epic groups of people building the future. Teamwork always trumps any individual heroism

Confiamos en las mediciones

Medimos todo. Somos lo que medimos y es aquella métrica en la que nos enfocamos la que nos hace crecer. Elegir las métricas correctas es importante. Y lo que no se mide, no crece.

Our team

León Quiroga Linck

CEO - Chief Executive Officer

Guido Thompson

CPO - Chief Product Officer

Academic Content & Experience

Rodrigo Cantó Matellán

CRO - Chief Revenue Officer


Mirian De Meyer

CFO - Chief Financial Officer

Students Experience

Juan Sancho

CMO - Chief Marketing Officer

Marketing, Comms & Social Media

Ramiro Maranzana

CIO - Chief Information Officer

Online platform & Information Systems

Lorenzo Sueldo


Escuela EDT LLC

The Registered Office of the LLC in the State of Delaware is located at 8 The Green STE B, Dover, DE 19901. Northwest Registered Agent Service, Inc. Authorized: Leon Quiroga Link.